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Ken TW Wong, Tainan, Taiwan

Sent: 2006-07-07 at 15:21:40 GMT

My 2-year-old little child, Brian had received a total correction of his congenital heart disease (tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia) on July 14. He has had a complete atrioventricular block after the surgery. A temporal pacemaker has been placed. Surgeon said most of his patients underwent this kind of operation regain their own heartbeats in 7-10 days. However, it was 23 days after the operation and Brian didn't regain his normal heart rate. The pediatric doctor turned off his pacemaker and try to stimulate his own heart to beat. But only a heart rate around 70 (should be around 100-120 in this age). He told us some patients may have to wait even to 4 weeks for the heart conduction system to recover from the surgery.

We are waiting, waiting and waiting. Looking on the EKG monitor, the EKG shows the same pattern all the time.

Does anyone have similar experience? How long will it take for a total recovery of complete heart block after surgery of tetralogy of Fallot?

We were asked to be prepared for a permanent pacemaker insertion in our child if there is no recovery at 4 weeks after the operation.

We can't find a similar supporting group in my country. We appreciate if you can share your experience with us. Thanks in advance.

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