A New Beginning

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Since our formation in 1973, we have seen many changes in the treatment of congenital heart conditions, in the way hospitals are funded, in attitudes towards charities from the general public and in the sort of help parents and families need.

So, in October 2004 all our members were invited to a workshop when we looked at the services we were offering and how they could be improved. We felt that although we have done an enormous amount for families over the years, there was much scope for improving awareness of our Association within cardiac centres and clinics where diagnoses are first made. This is often the point when we are of most help.


We decided to re-launch the Association, commencing October 2005 and after an enormous amount of planning we have now reached that date.

The most visible difference is, of course, our name. After 30 years of being the Association for Children with Heart Disorders, we felt it was about time we simplified the title and as most of our friends refer to us as the Children's Heart Association, after a formal EGM vote, we approached the Charity Commissioners, asked if we could change and they agreed.

Tommy and Tina Ticker, who have been our mascots for many years, are now part of our new and brighter main logo.

New events

As you can see from the site, we have a programme of re-launch events planned for the coming months, in addition to our normal activities. We hope many new members will join us at these events - increasing our membership and spreading the word even further that we are here to help !

Letter from our Chairman

You can read a letter from our chairman about some of the recent changes to the Association here.

More to come

Keep an eye on this page to read about even more exciting changes have been planned for the Association which will be announced soon.
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